We will post information, links and resources here on our website so be sure to check back here often. 

Aside from our website the majority of our online activity will take place on Central's social media platforms. Be sure to like, follow and subscribe to Central on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube to find our Sunday services as well as other information and content.

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We have one online service at 11:00am on Sundays. That service will be hosted on the Central Facebook Page AND YouTube Channel

The same service will be streaming on both of these places at the same times find the one that works best for you. Facebook has great tools for interacting and engaging with others while YouTube may be easier for you to get on your TV.

Of course, you are welcome to use whatever method works best for you. If you have any questions or need assistance with watching our online services please call the church office or email Chris at



Take the time to get ready. Figure out where you are going to watch the service and what you are going to watch it on. Most laptops can connect to your TV with an HDMI cable which might be a better experience if you're watching with your family, but phones, computers and tablets work too. Another option is to download the Facebook Watch app to your TV and search for CentralRR to pull up the video and watch the service on your TV.

Get signed in early. The service content will start at 11:00am but we will have pre-service countdown starting at 10:55 so that you have time to find it and make sure everything is working. 

Turn off notifications for other apps and close out of your email. Silence your phone if you aren't using it to watch and maybe even put it in another room. If you are by yourself then using headphones can help to block out distractions. 

Grab some coffee, a Bible and pen and paper for taking notes. 

Take a moment to pray for our church. Pray that God's presence would fill our homes, speak clearly to us and give us His peace.


Our prayer for this online gathering is that we would all be participants, not observers. Like, share, react and comment. Share what God is speaking to you and encourage each other. 

We are online with you! If you have questions, prayer requests or need to talk to a Pastor, we will be there with you, ready and waiting.

We know that the worship portion of the service is going to be very different than normal and for some it could be awkward. But the purpose of this time is to focus our attention and our affection on God. Some may need to turn up your computer or TV loud and sing along. Some may need to meditate on the lyrics and what they mean. Some may need to just listen and let the worship team sing over you. We are all learning during this process so find out what works best for you.

When you are prompted to pray - actually pray. Engage with worship. Open your Bible and take notes during the sermon. Fight to be present.


Take action! Don't be passive. If God prompts you then don't ignore it. 

Talk about what you learned with your family or connect virtually with your group or ABF. Check on each other, reach out to neighbors and find ways to stay connected.


Send us your prayer requests and let us know what needs you have.

Continue to give so that the ministry of Central can continue to care for people during this time.

You can GIVE ONLINE, mail in your offering or drop it off at the church office.

Finally, stay connected with us and engage with us online throughout the week. We'll be posting quick devos, worship sessions, live interactions and anything else we can think of to help encourage you and push you toward Jesus during this time.

People are looking for hope during this time and we know the answer. IT'S TIME TO RISE UP CHURCH!

If you have any questions about Church Online or finding our service

please call the church office or email