It’s the most wonderful time of the year! It’s Christmas at Central! We get to spend an entire month celebrating the incarnation and all that Jesus’ birth means for us as his followers.


There are many titles given to Jesus in the Bible, but one of the most magnificent is “King of kings.” Each Sunday one of our pastors will preach a part of the story of our King-his glory, his advent, his victory, and his return. Make it a priority to be at church every Sunday in December.


But your relationship with God isn’t encompassed by Sunday morning attendance and participation. A relationship with God is cultivated by time spent daily in his word and in prayer. We want to help you with that. So some of your pastors have written some devotionals that go along with each week’s sermon.There is one devotional for each week.


Each devotional will include a quick look at Scripture, a worship song or two, some questions to ponder, and some prayer prompts.


Additionally, a top priority at Central is the fight for the hearts of the next generation. In that effort, your pastors have written some interactive, family devotionals that also go along with each week’s sermon. Once a week, set aside some time for family worship, and use the family devotional to guide you. 


So a regular weekly rhythm for you during the Christmas season could be

-Sunday morning worship-sermon

-Sunday night –family devotional

-Wednesday morning-personal devotional


We are challenging you to invest in your relationship with God and invest in your familythis Christmas season. You’ve been challenged! Are you up for it?

-Attend all four “King of kings” Sundays in December

-Complete all four family devotionals

-Complete all four personal devotionals

Take a listen to one of the songs that we will be singing together this Christmas season:

The Victory of the King


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