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Leadership Succession Plan

Central is in the process of transitioning its leadership through a succession plan. This page will walk you through all the details and answer a lot of your questions.


The timeline of our pastoral succession plan reveals God’s sovereign hand. He knows what we need even before we ask.


Pastor Mark Westerfield, Central’s Founding and Senior Pastor, began ministry in Round Rock almost 40 years ago. He planted Central Baptist Church 30 years ago. Pastor Mark is a pillar in the Round Rock community. Once a quarter, he gathers the pastors of the city for a unifying lunch. It is not unusual for 50 pastors to show up. When there is a need in the city, the mayor or the police chief will call Pastor Mark. He truly is a pastor of pastors and the pastor of the city.


He is also the pastor of our church. With the wisdom that comes from the Holy Spirit, about 10 years ago, Pastor Mark began the process to establish elders who would share in the leadership of Central. One of the reasons why he did this was because he knew that one day he would need to retire, and he needed elders to help him find a successor.


About 8 years ago, Central Baptist Church’s membership affirmed a decision to change its governing structure to an Elder led congregation. As the Elders began building their processes for decision-making, Pastor Mark recognized the need for the Elders to pray that God would introduce a successor that he could help prepare and develop over several years.


In November of 2020, the Elders approached Brett McDonald, Central’s Worship Pastor, to prayerfully consider becoming Mark’s successor as Senior Pastor. The Elders had observed Brett’s growth as a communicator and leader and thought that maybe he was God’s man to succeed Pastor Mark at Central. Brett agreed to join the elders in prayer. Over the next several months, after much prayer and discussion, both the Elders and Brett agreed that this may be the will of God.


In January of 2022, Brett began to attend Elder meetings in a non-voting capacity. In the summer of 2022, the Elders made him an official member of the Elders. He has continued to take on more responsibility as well. He leads Central’s staff and has begun to increase in his preaching role on Sunday mornings.


It has been Mark’s dream to retire from his role as Senior Pastor at Central Baptist Church in 2025, which would mark a major milestone of 40 years of ministry in the city of Round Rock.


The Elders, Pastors, and Staff at Central unite behind what we believe to be God’s plan for our church. We trust God and know that the whole process including timing remains in God’s hands.


This is the initial announcement from April of 2022. 

Get to know Pastor Brett 

We created a series of short videos to help you get to know Pastor Brett and his family.