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Baptism is an outward sign of an inward change. We believe it is an important step of obedience for every believer and it is something to be celebrated!

Whether you are a new believer looking to take the next step or you just have questions about what baptism is and why we do it - this is the place for you. Our Family Pastor, Allen Frans, will walk you through the purpose of baptism, answer your questions and even take you on a tour up to our baptistery.


"The Gospel: God's Plan for Me" booklet

If your child is asking questions about salvation or considering baptism, we recommend that they work through this booklet with a parent or guardian. Lifeway’s “The Gospel: God's Plan for Me” is an excellent resource to help you navigate this important discussion. You can pick one up in the Preschool Lobby or after attending our Baptism Class.


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