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Membership at Central isn’t merely a matter of having your name on a roll; it’s filling a role in building God’s Kingdom here on earth. Joining with Central is not merely declaring you prefer the personality or style of this church; it is accepting part of the responsibility for the work God has called our church to complete. 

We believe it is important for every member of Central to:

-Pursue a growing relationship with Jesus Christ

-Connect with others in the body of Central

-Serve more than you are served

-Give financially to the ministry of Central

-Invest in people far from God


What does it take to become a member?​

  1. Attend an Intro to Central Lunch (see below)

  2. Complete Membership Class (1 hour class at 9:45am on selected Sundays. Info given at Intro Lunch)

  3. Fill out and turn in Membership Application

  4. Conversation with one of our Elders or Pastors

We believe strongly in the value of membership. It gives each of us ownership and accountability as we work together to accomplish a common goal - to reach this community with the life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ. 

The purpose of our membership process is to allow you to get to know the church and understand the 'why' behind the things that happen here. It also allows our pastors and staff to get to know you so that we can shepherd and care for you well. We want you to know people and be known by people.


Intro to Central Lunch

This is a casual time for new people to get to know the pastors and staff of Central and ask any questions you may have. We'll provide lunch and share the core values, structure, and history of Central as well as some ways for you to get connected. This will take place at 12:00 (right after the late service) in The Youth Building once a quarter throughout the year. Fill out the form below to register for the next Intro to Central Lunch.

The next Intro to Central Lunch date will be April 21. Please click the button below to sign up.

Membership Class

Here we'll talk about why we believe church membership is important and what it looks like to be a member of Central. This class takes place on Sunday mornings at 9:45 in room 128 on the RRCA campus.

The next date for Membership Class will be March 24. Please click the button below to sign up.

*Please be sure you attend Intro to Central Lunch before signing up for Membership Class.

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