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This is the one stop for all of your NEXT STEPS here at Central. Being part of a church is not a passive endeavor. We are all made to be active participants in what God is doing through the life of His church.

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Sign up, register and get involved. This is the place for any and all sign up's.

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Partner with us as we live to be like Jesus and make his name known in this community and all over the world.

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Find a plan to help make God's Word a part of your daily routine.

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This is where we connect with each other. Find a group to connect with or let us know that you want to start one.

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Learn about baptism and what it means to take that next step of obedience in your relationship with God.

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Use your gifts and abilities to serve others inside and outside the church.

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We give parents a time to commit their children to God and allow the church to partner with them along the way. 

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