Mark Westerfield

Senior Pastor

Family: Mark and Pam, 3 grown children, 4 grandchildren

High School: University High School, Waco, Tx

College: Baylor University

Seminary: Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Free time activities: Read, movies, exercise, hang out with grandkids

Favorite restaurants: Longhorn Steakhouse, Mighty Fine

Favorite music/artists: Mainly Christian music {Hillsong, Elevation, Passion} , some ‘old school’ Christian {Keith Green, Rich Mullins} but have to have a little country {Rascal Flatts, Tim McGraw}

Favorite TV shows: NCIS, Andy Griffith reruns {I think they quit making new ones}

Favorite movies: Raiders of the Lost Ark, Star Wars, Silverado

Favorite books: Absolute Surrender {Andrew Murray}, A.W. Tozer books, 

Favorite place you have visited: Israel was great, London is always good to see Mandy, Costa Rica

Favorite thing about Central: Jesus is lifted up, Family atmosphere, Authentic, Seeking for more of Jesus

Life verse: Galatians 2:20; Colossians 1:27-28


Jim Moorhead

Executive Pastor

Family: Pam (married 29 years), runs a small corporate fitness company called Fit2Go Texas. Molly (24) recently married, Jake (21) is taking a year off from A&M to run a Smart Turf franchise, Maddy (18) is a freshman at Baylor.

High School: Salisbury High School (North Carolina)

College: Wingate University (North Carolina), Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (Fort Worth)

Free time activities: Reading, spending time with Pam figuring out empty nest stage of life

Favorite restaurants: Cover 3, Lupe Tortillas

Favorite music/artist: Beatles

Favorite TV shows: PBS Masterpiece Theatre

Favorite movies: Last of the Mohicans, The Sting, Sound of Music

Favorite books: Bible, biographies

Favorite places you have visited: India, Peru, South Korea

Favorite thing about Central: Great people with big hearts

Life verse: Proverbs 4:23

Allen Frans

Youth & Family Pastor

Family: My family is the most important thing in my life. My wife Amy is the most beautiful princess in all the land. My son, Colby Tyke, is a loving and compassionate kid who is kindhearted, a boy scout and a bug expert. My daughter, Molly Jo, is a passionate and high energy kid who cheers, makes videos and has an opinion on everything.

High School: Northwest Academy, Houston, Texas

College: Sam Houston State University, Eat em up Kats!!!

Free time activities: playing golf, working out, watching sports

Favorite restaurants: Rudy's breakfast tacos, Chipotle, La Margarita

Favorite music/artists: Worship with Brett McDonald

Favorite TV shows: SportsCenter, Mystery shows, DUKE basketball and interesting documentaries

Favorite movies: Princess Bride, Tombstone, Field of Dreams, Fletch

Favorite books: Barbarian Way (Erwin McManus), Do Over (John Acuff), The Gold Standard (Coach Mike Krzyzewski), 7 Men (Eric Metaxas)

Favorite place you have visited: Alaska with my family

Favorite thing about Central: being part of a church where we do second chances. we do grace. we do real. we do mistakes. we do i’m sorrys. we do loud really well. we do hugs. we do family. we do love.

Life verse: 1 Thessalonians 2:8


Brett McDonald

Worship & Young Adults Pastor

Family: Married to Helen since 2005, 3 Kids

High School: Hays High School, '01

College: Texas A&M, '05

Seminary: The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, '09

Free time activities: Hanging out with the family, watching movies, watching sports, reading

Favorite Restaurants: somewhere with good brisket, Whataburger

Favorite Music: I don't know where to begin. I like almost everything. 

Favorite TV Shows: the Office, Parks and Rec, a good Netflix series or documentary, Sports- Spurs, Rangers, Cowboys, Aggie Athletics, any game involving my fantasy football team

Favorite Movies: I love to watch lots of movies. I like to laugh. I don't like to cry or be scared. That pretty much sums it up. 

Favorite Books: I love to collect books and read. Real life paper books. Fiction, non-fiction, history, it doesn't matter to me. I love getting lost in a good story and learning new things. One book that really shaped me early on in college is John Piper's Desiring God.I also enjoy studying God's Word and could always go for a good commentary on a book of the Bible.

Favorite places you have visited: We have lived in Central Texas for most of our lives. It's home. But Helen and I lived in Kentucky for awhile, and it was a nice change of scenery. There are actually four seasons there!

Favorite thing about Central: Central is family.

Life Verse: Matthew 6:25-34


Chris Chalman

Creative and Media Pastor

Family: Mandy and I were married in 2003. We have a daughter (Ramona) and a son (Max). I have a younger sister that is awesome and hilarious and parents that have been my constant encouragers.

High School: Round Rock High School. 

College: Texas State University

Free time activities: Watching/playing sports, playing games with my kids, traveling with my wife, playing the drums as often as possible

Favorite restaurants: Whataburger, Chickfila, BBQ of any kind, Hoody's

Favorite music/artist: Phil Wickham, Ben Rector, Jimmy Eat World, Elevation, Leeland, Shane and Shane, Austin Stone, Chicago, All Sons and Daughters, Journey...

Favorite TV shows: Sports, The Office, whatever my wife wants to watch

Favorite movies: I mainly like comedies but can appreciate a good over-the-top action movie too

Favorite books: Radical (David Platt), Crazy Love (Francis Chan), 7 (Jen Hatmaker)

Favorite place you have visited: Camp Zephyr, Lake Tahoe, Chicago, New York (though I still love Austin the most)

Favorite thing about Central: Central is an extention of my family. It's where I find encouragement, support, community, friendship and get challenged to be more like Jesus.

Life verse: Acts 4:20, Galatians 6:9


Mandy Chalman

Kids Ministry Director

Family: I’ve been married to Chris since 2003. We have 2 awesome kids, Ramona (11) and Max (9).

High School: Round Rock High School

College: Texas State University

Free time activities: Photography, Graphic Design, Camp Gladiator, Sleeping, playing games with my family.

Favorite restaurants: La Margarita (since the early 90s) Their salsa might be my love language. 

Favorite music/artists: A little bit of everything. Chris usually keeps me up to date with the latest great bands.

Favorite TV shows: Not sports. I watch mostly comedies, but if I’m being completely honest…Gilmore Girls.

Favorite movies: Tom Hanks movies. He’s the best!

Favorite books: I love teen fiction novels like the Hunger Games and Francine Rivers books are GREAT! 

Favorite place you have visited: New York City

Favorite thing about Central: It feels like home. Chris and I grew up at Central (originally Northeast). I love that my pastor and youth pastor are now ministering to my kids.

Life verse: Romans 12:2

Jim Rowan

Missions Pastor & Business Administrator

Family: I have been married for 36 years to my lovely wife Linda. We have two married children, our daughter Heather, who is married to Gary and our son Shaun who is married to Megan.

High School: Mesa High School, graduated mid-twentieth century.

College: I have attended several and have many pieces of paper from them. The Air Academy, Arizona State University, Cambridge University (how about that) and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary,

Free time activities: I work in the garden and play guitar

Favorite restaurants: Uchi if you are buying me a gift certificate, Plucker’s if I am paying.

Favorite music/artist: Christian Praise music, I try to stay current.

Favorite TV shows: Antique Roadshow because I am, well, an antique.

Favorite movies: Anything without violence or cussing that isn’t a children’s movie. They are few and far between

Favorite books: I read a lot. C.S. Lewis, Watchman Nee and , of course, the Bible

Favorite place you have visited: Nepal was beautiful, Italy amazing but I keep going back to Haiti, not for the scenic wonders.

Favorite thing about Central: The Father’s love handed out through the pastoral staff

Life verse: Jonah 3:1


Kathy Walker

Office Manager

Family: My husband Terry,  3 grown kids and their spouses, 4 grandkids

High School: Round Rock High School

College: ACC

Free time activities: Most of our free time is spent at our grandkids sporting event.  We do love to travel when we get the opportunity

Favorite restaurants: Definitely Mexican Food

Favorite music: Praise & Worship, Classic Country

Favorite TV shows: HGTV, The Food Channel, NCIS

Favorite movies: Don’t really have one.  To tell the truth I tend to nap during them so I usually don’t make it through a complete movie.  

Favorite books: The Bible, Christian Fiction

Favorite place you have visited: Israel is definitely at the top of the list, Alaska, Jamaica

Favorite thing about Central: The people – they are family.  There is unconditional love and mercy here that the world doesn’t offer.  It’s a great place to live life together.

Life verse: Proverbs: 3:5-6  Isaiah 40: 31


Susan Tiecher

Administrative Assistant

Family: Me, my mom and brother.

High School: Samuel Clemens in Schertz, TX

College: Southwest Texas (Texas State University) in San Marcos, TX

Free time activities: Working out, watching movies, hanging out with friends.

Favorite restaurants: California Pizza Kitchen, Shake Shack

Favorite music/artist: Currently, Consumed by Fire, Needtobreathe, David Crowder

Favorite TV shows: Don’t really have a favorite.

Favorite movies: Almost anything Marvel, the new Star Trek films

Favorite books: The Bible

Favorite place you have visited: Chicago, Romania

Favorite thing about Central: Feels like home and family

Life verse: Ecclesiastes 3:11


Sherry Vanderhoff

Youth Assistant Director

Family: My husband Mike, 3 children, and 2 grandkids

High School: Southwestern HS, Michigan

Free time activities: Crafting, Music, Theatre and Football

Favorite restaurants: Chuy’s and Rudy’s (Authentic Mexican)

Favorite music/artist: Elevation and Bethel Music, Chris Tomlin

Favorite TV shows: HGTV and Cooking, NCIS, Law & Order

Favorite movies: Drama and Comedy mostly, occasional sci-fi

Favorite books: Christian fiction.

Favorite places you have visited: Canada and Jamaica

Favorite thing about Central: Community, connection and relationships.

Life verse: Jeremiah 29:11, Psalm 46:10


Jeanie Kietzke

Financial Secretary

Family: My husband Karl, our daughter Jamie Lee, our son Derek his wife Kati and their daughters Hadley and Paisley

High School: Key West High and Scottsboro High (Moved from Key West in January of my Senior year to Scottsboro, Alabama...I walked in both school's graduation ceremonies)

College: Northeast Jr. College; Judson College; Jacksonville Jr. College; Southwest Baptist University

Free time activities: Anything with my family and sewing/quilting

Favorite restaurants: Chuy's or Mexican

Favorite music/artists: Rich Mullins, Keith Green

Favorite TV shows: Detective shows, Andy Griffith, football

Favorite movies: Princess Bride, Elf, Ever After, A Knights Tale

Favorite books: Bible (duhh) 

Favorite place you have visited: Alaska and Africa

Favorite thing about Central: Youth department!

Life verse: John 7:30 - It's my reminder that nothing can happen to me that Jesus doesn't allow and if He allows it, there's a reason for it...for His Glory!


Jared Mitzelfelt

Youth & Family Associate

Family: Married to Samantha Mitzelfelt

High School: Plainfield South High School, Plainfield Illinois 

College: Grace College, Winona Lake Indiana

Free time activities: I enjoy watching sports, fishing, disc golfing, playing Catan, and going on dates! 

Favorite restaurants: Longhorn, Red Lobster, Portillos (In favorite place to eat growing up) 

Favorite music: I listen to just about anything. 

Favorite TV shows: Law and Order, Shark Tank, anything on MLB network, Cake Wars (Holiday editions) 

Favorite movies: The Sandlot, The Rookie, Money Ball, all the Dark Knight movies, The Amazing Spider-Man, Logan....Basically anything to do with baseball or superheroes! 

Favorite books: Love Does, Fresh Wind Fresh Fire, Wherever I Wind Up

Favorite place you have visited: Budapest (Hungary), Prague (Czech Republic), Vienna (Austria) 

Favorite thing about Central:  Central is home. When my family and I were moving down here from Chicago, Central took us in. We were loved on so incredibly and made us feel like family.  It was as if we had known these people our whole lives, but in reality it was just months. Ever since then Central has been home. We love this community!! 

Life verse: Galatians 2:20 


Samantha Mitzelfelt

Kids Ministry Associate

Family: I’ve been married to my amazing husband, Jared, since 2016. We have one incredible daughter, Ellie Sue.

High School: Kokomo High School in Kokomo, Indiana

College: Grace College in Winona Lake, Indiana

Free time activities: Doing crossword puzzles, cuddling with our cat, playing board games, watching/playing sports

Favorite restaurants: Red Lobster, Chick-fil-a, Pizza Rev, anything Chinese

Favorite music/artists: Matthew West, Chris Tomlin, Carrie Underwood

Favorite TV shows: This Is Us, Law & Order SVU, Fixer Upper, Survivor (I’ve seen every season!)

Favorite movies: I love a good chick flick or Disney movie.

Favorite books: My favorite genre to read is Christian fiction.  Karen Kingsbury is my go to when I want to take the whole day to read (because I cannot put her books down!), but I also loved The Shack and Wonder even though they made me cry.

Favorite place you have visited: The Dominican Republic, Port Aransas, Cozumel, Chicago

Favorite thing about Central: Central is family. We moved to Round Rock right after we got married, but I feel like I have known the people at Central my whole life.

Life verse: Ephesians 2:8-10


Manda Schlegel

Kids Ministry Associate


Family: Married to Camryn fall of 2018

High School: Round Rock High School

College: The University of Mary Hardin-Baylor

Free time activities: Deep sea fishing, floating down the river, and watching movies at Flix Brewhouse 

Favorite restaurants: Hao Hao, La Margarita, and Jack Allens

Favorite music/artists: Anything country especially Zac Brown Band

Favorite TV shows: Fixer Upper, Say Yes To The dress, and Four Weddings

Favorite movies: Bride Wars and The Secret Life of Pets

Favorite books: The Great Gatsby, Hunger Games, Lead for God’s Sake!

Favorite place you have visited: Haiti

Favorite thing about Central: Growing up here almost my whole life, the people have helped shape me into the woman I am today.

Life verse: Jeremiah 29:11


John Ven Huizen

Facilities Manager


Family: my wife Vanessa, two daughters Giuliana and Samantha. And son Noah

High School: Erie High School, Erie Illinois

College: University of Phoenix, Phoenix Arizona

Favorite activities: ranching and hunting

Restaurants: Texas style BBQ and hotwings

Favorite Music: Red dirt country.  Jason Boland and the Stragglers, Turnpike Troubadours, Randy Rogers Band

TV shows: Police dramas, westerns

Movies: Big Labowski, Goonies

Books: The Longmire Mysteries

Favorite places I have been:  west Texas, southeast Alaska

Favorite thing about Central:  The people! 

Verse: Matthew 6:34


Dale Ream


Family: Kim, married in 1993

Daughter Carrie Rusk and son-in-law Zach Rusk, grandchildren Addison and Barrett

Daughter Jordan

Son Dallas

High School: Shamrock High (Shamrock, Texas)

College: United States Marine Corps (Semper Fi)

Free time activities: Traveling; disc golf; reading; hiking; family time

Favorite restaurants: Shipley’s Donuts; Chuy’s; Chick-Fil-A; Babe’s (DFW area)

Favorite music/artists: 70’s, 80’s; Phil Wickham; Kevin Max (yes, even his experimental phase); DCTalk; 

Favorite TV shows: Documentaries; The Andy Griffith Show; M*A*S*H; Man vs. Wild; Top Shot; 

Favorite movies: It’s hard for a moviephile to narrow it down but, most movies made in Hollywood’s Golden Age; Tombstone; The Patriot; Braveheart; Top Gun; Lord of the Rings; most Marvel; Rocky; some of the Star Wars canon; Gods and Generals; Glory; Napoleon Dynamite; Nacho Libre; most Pixar; anything with Jimmy Stewart, but especially It’s A Wonderful Life. 

Favorite books: Most any Civil War non-fiction; C.S. Lewis; J.I. Packer; Andrew Murray; J.R.R. Tolkien; A.W. Tozer; Dietrich Bonhoeffer; Martin Luther

Favorite place you have visited: Interchangeable between Maui, Hawaii and Keswick, England

Favorite thing about Central: The centrality of Jesus and his Word in our worship and teaching, the people, and all our pastors’ hearts to serve.

Life verse: Isaiah 43:1b - 4


Randy Owens


Family: Sharon Baker  married 1981. 

Son-Ryan (1984) and wife Abby, children-Mallory, Conner and Parker

Daughter-Courtney (1986) husband Ryan Ohendalski, children-Remington, Rhett and Rory

High School: Lanier (Austin)

Free time activities: Traveling, card games, playing basketball, golf, disc golf, anything with the grandkids

Favorite restaurants: Jack Allen’s, Morelia’s, Pizza Rev, Mighty Fine, Rudy’s, Masala Wok, Fogo de Chao

Favorite music/artist: Contemporary Christian, Hymns, Jazz, Classical, Standards…

Favorite TV shows: Andy Griffith, Everybody Loves Raymond

Favorite movies: The Count of Monte Christo, Star Wars 4, 5 &7, Lord of the Rings

Favorite books: Mere Christianity, Evidence That Demands a Verdict, Raising a Modern Day Knight

Favorite place you have visited: Maui, Hawaii

Favorite thing about Central: Relationships

Life verse: Matt 22:37-39


George Lee


Family: Wife Pam; daughters Emily Garcia and husband Carlos; Laura Kant and husband Cliff; Hannah Gross and husband Parker.  
High School: Tara (Baton Rouge, Louisiana)
College: University of Texas-Austin

Seminary: Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
Free time activities: Exercise; researching family history; watching U.T. football; being with family; solitude 
Favorite restaurants: Salata; Mooyah; Kerbey Lane 
Favorite music: music from the 1960's
Favorite TV shows: I probably most often watch ESPN
Favorite movies: Places in the Heart (1984); Planet of the Apes (1968) 
Favorite books: any of several by Dallas Willard on spiritual formation
Favorite place you have visited: Crater Lake (Oregon)
Favorite thing about Central: its commitment to unity among local churches and support of international missions
Life verse: Matthew 22:36-40

Mark Heegle


Family: Wife Andrea, 2 kids and Spouses, Melinda and Mark, Janine and Thomas, 5 grandkids, Caleb, Jacob, Hannah, Nate and Ruth

High School: A long time ago, Charles E. Gorton, Yonkers, NY

College: BS - SUNY Oswego, MS Western Connecticut State

Free Time Activity: Hanging with the family

Favorite restaurants: Outback

Favorite TV shows: NCIS

Favorite movies: Comedies

Favorite books: Bible 

Favorite place you have visited: Alaska and the Rocky Mountains

Favorite thing about Central: It's friendliness and staying true to God's Word

Life verse: Isaiah 6:8 


Shawn Hood


Family: Wife Vicki, kids Harry, Haley, and Hayden

High School: Round Rock HS

College: ACC

Free time activities: Travel, Walking, Reading

Favorite restaurants: PeiWei, Salata, Frost Gelato

Favorite music/artist/songs: Brett McDonald & Central Praise Team

Favorite TV shows: Impractical Jokers, anything Car related

Favorite movies: Star Wars

Favorite books: Proverbs in the Bible

Favorite place you have visited: HAITI, AFRICA, JORDAN, Bar Harbor, ME

Favorite thing about Central: Safe place to raise a family. Love God...Love Others.

Life verse: Jeremiah 29:11-13



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