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All lessons are available to be printed by clicking on the link for each lesson.  Notes and suggestions for each week are listed below the lesson.

FALL 2023 CURRICULUM: Grow (Volume 7) & Jesus Culture


*  Links to external videos and online resources are available​ within the lesson.

*  If you need anything printed or additional supplies, please contact Adrian (

Jesus & Your Image:  A 4 week series from our new curriculum about evaluating how student represent themselves to the world. 
Aug 27: Week 1
Sept 3: Week 2   (activity picture)
Sept 10: Week 3
Sept 17: Week 4
Over the Top:  a two part series from Grow about being generous in all things. 
Sept 24: Week 1
Oct 1: no small groups for Central's 30th Anniversary
Oct 8: Week 2



Youth Worker Calendar: 

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