All lessons are available to be printed by clicking on the link for each lesson.  Notes and suggestions for each week are listed below the lesson.

FALL 2020 CURRICULUM: Grow (Volume 4)

*  These lessons were written prior to Covid-19 and may require some modifications to games and activities to comply with current distancing requirements.

*  Links to external videos and online resources are available within the lesson.

*  If you need anything printed or additional supplies, please contact Sherry, Allen or Jared!

Sep 20: Back to the Future - Justice (Week 1)  

* You may wish to have a jigsaw puzzle in your classroom if you choose to do the "Justice Takes All of Us" Object Lesson throughout this series.

Sep 27: Back to the Future - Justice (Week 2)  

Oct 4: Back to the Future - Justice (Week 3)  

* You may wish to play the clip from the "Back to the Future" movie but only play from 04:43-05:06 to avoid inappropriate language!

* "Am I Doing (In)justice" Reflection Handout

Oct 11: Back to the Future - Justice (Week 4)  

* You may wish to play a portion of the "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" movie, but stop the video at 01:28 to avoid inappropriate language.

* "I Will Remember" Reflection Handout

Oct 18: True Story - Identity (Week 1)  

* You may wish to have a large bag of M&Ms if you choose to use the intro activity "M&M Mingle."

* Graphic for intro activity.

* Reflection handout 

* You will need sticky notes, small slips of paper or notecards if you wish to compete the "You Are" Response activity.

Oct 25: True Story - Identity (Week 2)  

* Toy Story Trivia slides

* Reflection handout

Nov 1: True Story - Identity (Week 3)  

* For the "Shape Up" Activity you will need string, blindfolds, poster board and a marker.

* "Because God Is, I Will" Response handout

Nov 8: True Story - Identity (Week 4)  

* "Headbanz: Movie Edition" Activity - if you don't have access to the official game headbands, students may hold their card to their forehead while asking questions.

* Reflection handout 

Nov 15: Canceled - Loving Others (Week 1) 

* You will need 10-15 notecards if you wish to do the intro activity "Culture Cancelations"

* Cancel Culture Diagram

* Response handout 

Nov 22: Canceled - Loving Others (Week 2)  

Nov 29: Happy Thanksgiving - No YBF  

Dec 6: Canceled - Loving Others (Week 3)


* You will need the following supplies if you wish to do the "Green-Eyed Monster" opening activity: crepe paper, balloons, construction paper, garland, tape, stickers and scissors.

* You will need a clear container of water and green food coloring if you want to do the "Greener and Greener" object lesson.

Dec 13: Canceled - Loving Others (Week 4)  

Dec 20: Merry Christmas To Me (Week 4 - coming soon!)  

Dec 27: Merry Christmas - No YBF

Jan 3: Happy New Year - No YBF


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